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Over 75% of Adpro 360°’s experience is working with automotive dealers and dealer-related products. Figuring out how to market your dealership effectively is more complicated than ever these days, but it’s what we know. Do you have a team that understands what’s right in today’s digital climate? Do you know what type of ad resonates with your audience? Are you channeling your message through the most effective mediums to reach the right demographic?

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While there are many advertising agencies to choose from, very few have the experience of working closely with automotive dealerships. AdPro has proven their advertising expertise in the automotive industry through ongoing collaboration with Colorado’s largest auto group, Phil Long Dealerships.

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At AdPro, we create, implement, and manage the full spectrum of advertising and marketing services for many of the top-performing car dealerships in the country. Through monthly face-to-face ad planning meetings with dealer management, we provide accurate ROI reporting and develop next step strategies.

Having such close relationships with our ever-growing clientele has given us an advantage in developing car advertising strategies and branding campaigns, which has also helped us gain a leadership positioning in the automotive advertising industry. More recognition for our services and talents allows us to reach more automotive clients and provide them with the full-service advertising they deserve.

Although we began as the in-house advertising experts for Phil Long, our efforts and areas of advertising service do not end there. Honing our skills on the frontline has allowed us to master the many facets of advertising including website design, SEM, SEO, media buying, graphic design, TV production, and more.

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Automotive Marketing can be challenging, but AdPro holds the knowledge and skill to help you optimize and advertise your business.

The trickiest aspect of marketing can be of the online variety. With so many internet platforms that promise a great return on your investment, it can be difficult to interpret what’s going to truly drive traffic. At AdPro, our digital team is completely unbiased and will give you a clear and concise analysis of your digital efforts and 9 out of 10 times will show you how you can save 30-60% on your digital marketing immediately! We can help you save money and time, that way you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Full throttle experience!

From a creative viewpoint, there’s nobody who understands the psychology of the consumer better than AdPro’s creative department. Our team of creative experts know and understand how to grab the attention of your automotive consumers. Through our uniquely appealing TV, internet, and radio ads, we can take your basic message and create hard-hitting, heartfelt, funny, or moving ads for whatever audience you are trying to capture.

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Winning Strategy!

Communicating your message is only half the battle! You may have the best ad in the world, but the next step is making sure you place that ad in the right hands. Let AdPro drive it home digitally, electronically and systematically. Our media department will research, implement and manage an electronic strategy that comprises of the perfect stations, the right schedules, at the lowest price possible. Our commitment to your media buy doesn’t end at placement and traffic, but is also highly present throughout a very diligent billing reconciliation and co-op reimbursement process.

AdPro thrives on collaborating with you to improve your overall experience as a business and the overall experience of your automotive consumers. For a truly dynamic, full-service advertising to help your business evolve, choose AdPro.

Let us help you save money and drive traffic to your dealership!

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