Lights. camera. action.

In 2017, TV advertising spending made up an estimated 35.4% of ad spending, about $72.01 billion. TV ads are prime investments for your business and still a huge part of the advertising platform despite its close contender, digital advertising. An estimated $77.37 billion, or 38.4% is spent on digital advertising efforts like pre-roll ads. Lucky for you, AdPro has the power, knowledge, and capabilities to do it all.

There is no denying that utilizing all forms of advertising will give you the advantage to capturing all audiences and demographics. Using advertisements to grow your business is the most effective way to broadcast your message and your brand to the ideal audience. You can surge your business with target driven pre-roll, radio, and television commercials that truly work.

Our Media Production team is the forerunner for progressive ideas that can take your business onward and upward. We occupy a full, in-house production studio for your convenience to create riveting footage for TV and pre-roll and mesmerizing voiceovers for radio and Pandora. AdPro does everything from brainstorming unique concepts, scriptwriting, filming and recording, and negotiating the media buy. We take the process from idea to publication before you can bat an eye.

View our 2017 reel to get a taste of the hundreds of published spots that drove traffic to our clients.

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