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Our graphic design team is a close-knit group of visually elevated thinkers. Are we the office DJs? Sure! But we’re really visual storytellers. Our goal is to take your ideas to the next level. From digital and print ads to billboards—if you can imagine it, we can design it. Branding your company goes beyond marketing. It is defining what it is and what it is not. It is making clear who you are and where you stand. It’s the brand that brings out the loyalty in loyal consumers. At Adpro, we have some of the most accomplished branding experts in the advertising industry. Visit us to learn more about what we do and how we can help you grow your company.

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When SEO Helps AdWords

Digital Marketing At Its Best

At AdPro 360°, we really are a full-service advertising agency, hence the allusion to 360 degrees of services. As such, we recently decided to combine the efforts of our Search Engine Optimization team and our AdWords team. The SEO team developed landing pages optimized specifically for the keywords that the AdWords client was bidding on in their AdWords ads. Here are the results!



The click-through-rate of these ads was stellar, bringing in numbers as high as 14.95% over a 2-month period.

screen capture of click through rate on google adwords results


A dealership that can make thousands of dollars per sale invested $23 per lead with AdPro; that's $40 lower than the national average! With AdPro, you gain 3X the amount of leads compared to your average advertising agency.

screenshot of cost per click results in google adwords


Every digital marketer knows that in order to bring the quality score up for the keywords that you bid on, you have to have to send the ads to landing pages that are relevant to those keywords. But why stop there? If relevancy is important, why not fully optimize the landing page with relevant content, meta data, images, and even backlinks to the landing page for the keyword that was bid on? That’s what we did, and the results were quality scores of 7, 8, and even 10!

quality score screenshot for google adwords


These indications confirm the theory that we had going into this project: if you optimize the landing page for an AdWords ad, you improve the quality score, click-through-rate, and the conversion rate.

For far too long, Digital Marketing agencies have provided non-optimized splash landing pages for AdWords ads. These splash pages provide no optimized tags, no optimized images, and even the content on the page is not indexed by Google, because by definition the splash pages are only a page consisting of an image. The words on that image cannot be read by search engines. The landing pages we created were full of relevant content, in this case it was “Used Cars,” as well as relevant image alt tags, relevant meta data, and even relevant backlinks to the page itself. Needless to say, we looked like heroes to our client when we showed this data to them in our monthly progress meeting.

At AdPro 360, we are happy to do all that we can, including thinking outside the box, for our clients. If you need SEO or AdWords for your business, contact us today, and our friendly agents will be happy to give you information on our services!

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