Target end users with programmatic

Our Programmatic Advertising or program-magic team is ready to help you excel across all devices! Reach your users whenever and wherever they are on the web before they have even been to your website. Find them at a competitor’s location or right when they are getting ready to buy. We use a plethora of tools that easily target your customers in a variety of ways:


Show ads to customers who have visited your competitor’s business location by setting up Geofences around the competitor, zip code, or geographical region to target and convert.

Search Targeting

Target users who are searching around the web for products and services similar to yours. We have access to search data being used to find what they need, and we can target them with ads to get them to your website.

Contextual Targeting

Place your ads on websites with specific topics or even specific domains you know your audience is using.

Event Targeting

Only want to run a campaign for a short time? Target a conference or public event and then use that data to retarget them around the web for the next 30 days.

IP targeting

Have an even narrower focus? Utilize IP addresses to target your audience to reach whom you need to.

Pre-Roll Video

People watch many videos, often more than they read content. We can feature a video or TV spot to run before the main video a user watches that will then direct them to the website if they click.


We can target what actions your users took once being targeted within a geofence and whether they walked into your business later or submitted a form on your website. This lets us track what is working and tweak what isn’t so you get the best value.

Track your users wherever they go, whenever they go and tweak your campaign along the way.

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