maximize your ROI in PPC Advertising!

We build a strategy specifically for your business and utilize Google Adwords, The Google Display Network, & The Bing/Yahoo Advertising Network to show your advertisements to potential customers. With our SEM Services you will experience:

Dynamic Remarketing

Have you ever been online shopping around for a new pair of shoes and you almost get to the point of purchase, but then you change your mind? Then, a day, or a few days later, you notice a strange phenomenon happening as you browse the internet, whether it be Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc. You notice that the shoes you once had in your cart are now following you around the internet in the form of an advertisement? That is not just a digital fairy, friends. This genius idea is known as Dynamic Remarketing, and it does a few things to make sure you are still hooked on the product. It includes specific information about different aspects of your product to serve a product-specific ad to a person based on the products they have viewed online.

Paid Search Ads

We create engaging text ads for any and all services or offers you wish to promote. Engaging ads combined with keywords, geofencing, and device targeting drives customers who are near the end of the buying cycle to your business!

Display Advertising

With an in-house graphic design and art department, we create exciting and fresh display ads for your PPC efforts. Targeting specific locations, interests, topics, and related websites we drive potential customers to your site and increase your brand's presence online.


“Hope to see you again!” With remarketing we target customers who have visited your site and did not convert. We hit these potential customers with messaging and display advertisements specifically tailored to entice them to revisit your site.

Mobile Click-to-Call

Got a customer base that’s always on the run? With Mobile Click-To-Call Ads we enable potential customers to call your business with just one click!

Conversion Tracking

At the end of the day, it’s all about selling your product or service! With conversion tracking, we can track a click anytime from your ad leads to a phone call to your business or a lead submission on your site.

Comprehensive Reporting

Each month we provide competitive analysis insights, full statistics for all KPI’s, and a PPC Success Report that highlights changes made to your AdWords Account.

Google Certified Partner

As a Google Certified Partner with several Google AdWords Certified professionals, AdPro has access to all of the latest and greatest PPC strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t post ads on Google and hope for the best! AdPro has the knowledge and expertise to serve your ads to the most relevant searches, keep your ads at the top of the page, and entice potential customers to engage with your website. Contact us to learn more today!

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